Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To all interested individuals: I have temporarly suspended my indefinite hiatus from Cassette Musique to talk a bit about what happened in the world of music this past year.

Cassette Musique was introduced with 2008 year-end lists from Gary, Ryan, and I where it was acknowledged that 2008 was a down year for music overall, trifling in comparison to the behemoth that was 2007. I had extremely high hopes for 2009 because a ton of my favorite bands and other noted acts were up for new records. As I reflect on the last year the one word that permeates my thoughts most is FRESH. The artists I expected albums from mostly delivered, however they weren't what made the year great. It was the presence of bands such as The Dangerous Summer, Passion Pit, Paper Route, Future of the Left, James Yuill, Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band, and Closure in Moscow among many others that invigorated the music scene with a fresh, new, and unexpected sound. These were my favorites, however the same could be said for the likes of the xx, The Antlers, and DM Stith, new(er) artists on the cutting edge of their sound and sure to entrench themselves as indie staples for years to come. I feel like my musical palette has progressed with the seasons and is open to a wider array of music thanks to this influx of tremendous new artists. Granted, Portugal. The Man and the rest of my most awaited will top my year end list, but new finds like The Dangerous Summer and Paper Route will always hold a special place in my iTunes library.

I can only hope that 2010 provides the same influx of new and exciting artists that 2009 blessed us with. It was an amazing year to be a fan of music.

Not to spoil my year-end lists (I know throngs of people are waiting in anticipation), below are a couple songs that deserve special recognition this year. Check them out.

Paper Route - Last Time

The Dangerous Summer - The Permanent Rain

James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

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