Monday, January 11, 2010

Some News

Hello, Friends! Here's yet another attempt to turn Cassette Musique from a barren wasteland into a functioning part of society.


Apparently, Kings of Leon want to do more than just use somebody; They're aiming to use everybody. Enter the KoL clothing collection. Wish they thought of this last month, would've made for a much better Christmas; Although I probably would have had to think long about which I wanted more, the $100 bandana or the $1200 leather jacket. Who the fuck are they kidding? Even before this desperate money-grabbing attempt, I realized my mistake in putting them on the top albums of last year. My bad, we all make mistakes. Coincidentally, Kings of Leon are such assholes that they don't even like themselves. At least they know that no one likes them. Here's to hoping that they break-up before the world has to deal with another endless streak of completely over-played singles.

Saruman - The Metal Wizard

Christopher 'Saruman' Lee: Classically trained theatre actor, award-winning film star, badass metal frontman? Yup. At the age of 87, Lee has decided to portray Charlemange the best way possible ... by telling the first Holy Roman Emperor's story with the help of Rhapsody, a symphonic metal band, backing him up. Here's a bit of an explanation by the man himself. While this is without question hilarious, Sir Lee definitely deserves some props for being this old and willing to rock out with his cock out. As a matter of fact, the Man with the Golden Gun is actually a metal veteran after having worked with Rhapsody before as well as Manowar in previous years. The album, which is entitled 'Charlemange: By the Sword and the Cross' (SOOOOOO METAL), is due out on March 15th and will feature the music of Italian composer Marco Sabiu. Experience the Epic.

M.I.A. Coming Back With Power Power

After over 2 years of anticipation and 5 months of being in the studio, M.I.A. has revealed that she is very close to finishing her follow up to 2007's Kala. Whereas Kala was definitely a hipster-dance record that focused heavily on the beats, the English artist has said that the new album will be more "honest" and less "... gimmicky or silly or hipstery" than its predecessor. M.I.A. has also promised that the yet-to-be-named LP will feature a little more singing than the last after stating how she "...just stopped singing on the last one because I put more emphasis into production, so I was more about making beats and sang less on my last album." Speaking of beats, M.I.A. has been working closely with producer Blaqstarr this time around; According to her, Blaqstarr "simply makes music that sounds good, and I needed that." The record is planned to come out sometime in the summer and will include the track 'I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection,' which will feature Filipino Verizon Workers as guest vocalist ... Obviously.

That should tide ya over for a bit, till next time.

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  1. Ohh, he says "Use some money." Now it makes sense.