Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"The Wild Hunt" - The Tallest Man On Earth

"The Wild Hunt," by The Tallest Man On Earth is as impressive as their more renowned songs from the past, including 2008's "The Gardener." In essence, it's glory lies in the ironic and wonderful nature of pained singing, happy guitar, and slight syncopation. It's music like this that the masses don't understand, yet those who do understand it like it that much more.
The Tallest Man On Earth is a very folksy one-man band headed by Swedish Kristian Matsson. He is almost a male version of Joana Newsom in uniqueness. Without a doubt, Simon Cowell would tear his (and probably Newsom's) singing apart in some demeaning way if given the chance. Have no fear mainstream/nonconformists, because his CD shows that it is still possible to transcend trivial critique.
Though "The Wild Hunt" is a portrait painted with crackly emotional singing, there are plenty of happy songs. By no means would this be on the levels of Brand New, Conor Oberst, or Elliot Smith depressing music. Its characterized by smooth, melodic, and skillful guitar playing. It harmonizes enough to make you happy, but not so much as to get old. It's great for working, too, because it's not too grating to distract or discomfort you, yet its noticeable enough to distract you from monotony, or (in my case at least) excessive math.
While the whole CD is promising, make sure you at least listen to the last half unless you really hate it. It is much less cacophonous and probably a lot easier to digest. If you don't even want to listen to the last half, for the love of God, listen to "You're Going Back." Its one of--if not the most--depressing songs on the CD, but its borderline brilliant.

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