Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Top 12 Songs of All-Time...Right Now: #10

Queens of the Stone Age
"Go With The Flow"
Single from the album Songs for the Deaf
Single Release Date: April 7, 2003
Billboard Hot Alternative Songs Peak Position: 7

If I was driving and ever had the unfortunate circumstance to have only one song to play, it would undoubtedly be “Go with the Flow”, the second single off Queens of the Stone Age’s fantastic 2002 album Songs for the Deaf. Why? Perhaps it is the music video imagery of speeding through the desert or the concept of the album involving travel from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. Or, you know, it could be the striking immediacy of the song, intensely propelling forward like a bat out of hell that make it the ideal highway song.

There are a plethora of impressive QOTSA tunes, fast cementing them as one of my favorite bands. Often stuck with the misnomer “stoner rock”, Queens have demonstrated that they are capable of experimentation with many different sounds. Homme oftentimes likes using the term “robot rock” to describe his criminally underrated band, referring to the solid and repetitive nature of the guitar riffs in many songs. “Go with the Flow” is the perfect defense of my adoration for the band: the repetitive piano plinks, the ferocious drumming of Dave Grohl, the whining and moaning of the guitars, and the typically fantastic vocals and lyrics of Josh Homme. All of this culminates in a three-minute bombardment of the senses, entrancing the listener and refusing to let go until the last note.

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