Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday Playlist: March 11, 2012 Edition

The bear in the middle has the right idea
In what will hopefully be a recurring segment on Cassette Musique, each Sunday I will detail a playlist of songs that encapsulate what Sunday is all about: slow moving, contemplative, and sedate. Although some will undoubtedly call these songs "boring" at first glance, I prefer to think of them as occupying a higher plane of existence. They distill a serene tranquility that is oft underappreciated in a schizophrenic society that favors fleeting gratification over properly developed, long-term satisfaction. So with that in mind, promptly turn off your mind, and escape into an unexplored realm.

(Oh yeah, make sure to listen with headphones. Laptop speakers do not do these songs justice!)

Eluvium - Prelude for the Feelers
Eluvium is the brainchild of recording artist Matthew Cooper who, like many other artists in the genre, draws direct influence from ambient behemoth Brian Eno. "Prelude for the Feelers" moves at a slow, consistent pace throughout, layering a consortium of synths and violins over a helplessly sweet piano melody.

Hammock - Floating Away In Every Direction
Readers of this segment will become very familiar with Hammock, as they're one of my favorite bands and required listening for anyone looking to delve into ambient music. "Floating Away In Every Direction" is typical Hammock fare, interspersing a subdued electric guitar melody with layered atmospherics and various crescendos.

The Field - A Paw In My Face
The Field's debut release From Here We Go Sublime is quite simply one of the best albums of all time and was ranked by metacritic as the most critically acclaimed album of 2007. "A Paw In My Face", the album's second track, lays down a chorus of hypnotic, trance-like beats atop a smattering of whimsical noises and is a good starting point for new listeners.

John Murphy - The End
Straight off the 28 Days Later Soundtrack (because nothing says ambient relaxation like a zombie apocalypse), John Murphy's "The End" is short and sweet, clocking in at just under two minutes and including the sparse guitar melodies and layered synths indicative of a Hammock song.

Balmorhea - Bowsprit
Balmorhea is a six-piece instrumental band from Austin, TX that likes to spice things up by throwing a variety of unorthodox instruments into their distinct brand of ambient music. "Bowsprit" follows course, featuring sweeping violins and what sounds like banjo-plucking throughout.

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