Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Artist to Watch: Jukebox the Ghost

Hey e'rybody! Sorry for seemingly not giving a shit about the blog, things have been pretty hectic but I figured Gary could use a break from basically being the only contributor for the past month to tell you about an awesome new band called . . . Jukebox the Ghost!

I found out about this D.C. trio a couple weeks ago (completely on my own, obviously!) and have been unable to pull myself away from their unique brand of piano-infused indie rock. Think Ben Folds but with the dramatic flair of Queen and grandious creativity of The Flaming Lips. At some points, they might even make you think this is what Schroeder's (from the Peanuts) band would sound like. Anyway, immediately upon first listen, you'll discover just how infectious Jukebox the Ghost really is. The lyrics of frontman Ben Thornewell serve as the insanely optimistic and jovial centerpiece of the group, whether he is spittin rhymes about hiding your love away in the extremely bubbly "Hold It In" or the apparent end of the world in the, somehow, still upbeat "Beady Eyes On The Horizon." It is with this, as well as the catchy guitar work of Tommy Siegel and steady drumming of Jesse Kristin, that Jukebox the Ghost is able to perfectly capture the feelings of happiness and lightheartedness in every melody they create. In a nutshell, listening to the tunes of JTG will put a smile on your face. Do yourself a huge favor and check out their LP entitled Let Live and Let Ghosts.

Exhibit A

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  1. Actually... you did not discover them completely on your own. Or on your own at all. Just sayin.

  2. Thanks for the break, Ryan. I'm starting to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from writing so fucking much for this blog. My back also hurts from carrying it, as well.