Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PSA: How The Hell'd We Wind Up Like This?

30 million albums sold worldwide.

Nearly 30 million plays and over 1 million unique listeners on last.fm.

Four multi-platinum albums in the United States.

Second-best selling foreign act in the United States this decade behind only The Beatles.

These are just some of the startling statistics backing the Canadian generic rockers Nickelback.

Meanwhile, many bands with an actual capacity for talent and ability, like dredg and Portugal. The Man, are barely getting by on these once-prized characteristics.

It is utterly deflating to juxtapose these two situations, but it is the sad, sad truth.

However, you, yes you, can help.

Do your part. Stop listening to shitty, manufactured mainstream music and God-awful excuses for rock like Nickelback. With internet piracy fast replacing the compact disc, at the very least steal their music and watch pirated footage of their concerts. Better yet, subscribe to a twelve-step program to swear off of Nickelback and the like for good. You will be doing yourself and other hard-working bands a great service.

No one likes to see douche bags like Chad Kroeger succeed. If you do, you must be a terrorist. You’re not a terrorist, are you?

This is a public service announcement urgently brought to you in part by Cassette Musique.


  1. If "Something In Your Mouth" is wrong, I don't wanna be right

  2. Portugal. the man is actually getting quite a bit of notice lately.

    ive met a lot of people who know them