Friday, October 16, 2009

"Bye Bye Bayou"

New LCD Soundsystem song!!
Cover of the band Suicide!!

Sort of new; Sept. 11 09 apparently?
New to me at least!

To be honest, fair readers of the sexiest musical bloggary on the interweb, I know little of either band. Yes, this is correct, it is my introductory song to this wonderfully euphonic Soundsystem.

If you want me to compare this song to the rest of LCD Soundsystem, then I apologize for my large amount of homework preventing me to do so. I really would like to research this topic for you. Just uh, I can't now.

Still though, this song is straight G. Listen to it.
If you don't know LCD Soundsystem, it's kewl, do it anyway, all the cool people (me) are.

Oh and it's an epic 7:09 in length. If you convert minutes to inches... well... that's above average

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