Friday, February 20, 2009

Review: Dark Was The Night

Fight AIDs!
Help stop it's spread! Despite what Team America soundtracks claim, everyone does not have it. Since abstinence is unrealistic, according to Sarah Palin's daughter, I propose to you a "more realistic" option. The best way to keep yourself from getting it (while still having fun) is to buy the new album sponsored by Red Hot, "Dark Was The Night."

Now you can sit in your room and isolate yourself for hours listening to some of the coolest indie songs ever. Until you wear off the awesomeness of legally buying 31 of some of the greatest songs all on one album (two CDs) for only $9.99 you will be completely cut off from the world, in a good way. You can't have unprotected sex if you are in your room alone. You can, of course, listen to this music with other people (so dynamic!), just no exchanging of bodily fluids (hugging is still O.K.!).

Yeah, check it out. It's ~$15 on iTunes, ~$11 on Amazon for the disc set, and only $9.99 for the MP3's (which is the way you want to go since you can get your hands on them infinitely faster)! It also just came out on February 17th so if you hurry up you can be that super-trendy person with an awesome musical taste who has the "cool" albums before everyone else. Do it, you won't!

I'd post the track list, but it's too epic. Seriously, check out Amazon.


  1. Wow, that lineup is fucking sick.

  2. Downloaded my copy the other night, amazing compilation. El Caporal by MMJ is ill-tastic!

  3. Yeh, the arcade fire, new pornographers, riceboy sleeps, the books, yo la tengo, and decemberists songs are my favorite.

    The new version of Lua by bright eyes & gillian welch is nice, too :)
    And the My Morning Jacket song :)

    a lot of people like the Sufjan song apparently, its long and pretty noisy. Im not too much of a fan, but its really cool that all these artists redid/collaborated on/released new songs for this album.

    I like ~10 songs exceptionally, so it's well worth $10. Legal, and you get to say your helped people :)