Sunday, February 15, 2009

Morgan Kibby what up!

So I surfin' around the interweb and noticed some people concerned that Morgan Kibby might peace out of M83.  It isn't really logical, but that being said it is my firm belief that she compliments M83 very well and it would suck if she left.  It is her (and a bit of encouragement) that finally brought the band into my library even after enjoying them around for a few years.
I feel as though M83's expansive music is incredible, but not necessarily easy to follow for new listeners (like me a while ago).  This is where Kibby comes in.  Her singing leads, seats, and straps you in to the most interesting musical ride this generation has to offer.  She is the siren, so to speak, dashing peeps upon the metaphorical rocks that are Anthony Gonzalez's music.
Yeah so anyway I dropped her a message and told her that I thought she should stick with it.  She said "I love playing with M83 and would love nothing more than to continue!  We'll see... :)"
So yeah, other blog person who was concerned about her possible exodus; IN YOUR FACE!

Peace from yo' local interweb blogger.

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