Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cassette Musique Exclusive: Interview with The Limousines

Thanks to the wonders of AOL Instant Messenger I was able to snag some mono-a-mono time with Eric Victorino, the former lead vocalist of Strata and brainchild behind electro-pop group The Limousines. Topics covered in the interview included plans for a debut LP, as well as the possibility of a headlining tour. So, without further ado, actual dialogue from the conversation that took place:

DevillnMyShoebox (3:55:34PM): Hey Eric, I'm a big fan of Strata and The Limousines. I was surfing on your MySpace page the other day and came across your screenname, and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions...Hopefully this isn't intrusive or annoying...But anyway, I was curious if The Limousines have an LP planned for release this year?
Screennamewitheld (3:59:45PM): yeah
DevillnMyShoebox (3:59:48PM): AWESOME!!! And any plans for a nationwide tour?
Screennamewitheld (4:05:12PM): nope
DevillnMyShoebox (4:05:20PM): Thanks a lot Eric!

There you have it folks, straight from the horse's mouth - The Limousines will be releasing an LP sometime this year, and they may or may not, one way or another, whether it be as a headlining or supporting act, tour. As always, Eric was really engaging and a delight to talk to, so if you get a chance, hit him up sometime.

Expect more in-depth artist interviews such as the one above as Cassette Musique garners more street cred among the indie culturati.


  1. oh shit the words "yeah" and "nope" will never be the same again

  2. He certainly has a way with words.