Friday, January 16, 2009

News Flash: Gorillaz demos, Fleet Foxes on SNL and more

- Guinness Book of World Records’ Most Successful Virtual Band, Gorillaz, premiered demos from their forthcoming as-of-yet untitled third record on UK’s Radio 1 on Wednesday evening. Mastermind Damon Albarn, who is also currently hard at work on new Blur material, hosted the show and premiered unfinished demos of three songs presumably going to be on the new album in one shape or another. Obviously, these are unfinished versions of songs, but it still provides some excitement and anticipation for LP No. 3. Links to download and stream “Broken,” “Electric Shock,” and “Stylo/Binge” are here, as is the entire setlist that Mr. Albarn played while hijacking the British radio waves. Eagles of Death Metal, Damon? Awesome.

Their self-titled debut was named the best of 2008 by influential music websites Pitchfork and Stereogum, and now they will be harmonizing softly on live television. Seattle’s very own Fleet Foxes are to perform “Blue Ridge Mountains” (from the aforementioned eponymous LP) and “Mykonos” (from their Sun Giant EP, also released in 2008) on the upcoming January 17 episode of Saturday Night Live. The episode will be hosted by Rosario Dawson, who will be promoting her new, apparently subpar film Seven Pounds, which also features Big Willie. I guess Seattle ain’t known just for that grunge stuff anymore.

Fledgling Capitol Records plan on milking former labelmates Radiohead for what their worth by re-releasing their first three albums (Pablo Honey, The Bends and OK Computer) as expanded, 2xCD collector’s editions. The bonus discs will sport all of the B-sides and live tracks that correspond to the singles, EPs and BBC Radio 1 sessions released in conjunction with these albums. In addition, DVDs will be bundled to make Special Collector’s Editions, which will feature music videos and live performances. While it is certainly easy to say “unnecessary,” some of the material on the bonus disc is rare and will now be properly re-released in a convenient manner. Die-hard fans need not bother, since all of the songs are out there in one form or another. Here is the laborious track listing. The re-issues are due out March 24.

Previously mentioned as one of Andrew’s most anticipated albums of 2009, U2’s twelfth studio album, No Line on the Horizon, finally has some artwork and tracks to go along with the album name.

The album cover is pretty cool, minimalistic yet purposeful, and done by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. The track listing is below. Try to think of what each song might sound like based solely on the title:
1. "No Line on the Horizon"
2. "Magnificent"
3. "Moment of Surrender"
4. "Unknown Caller"
5. "I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”
6. “Get On Your Boots”
7. "Stand Up Comedy"
8. "Fez – Being Born"
9. "White as Snow"
10. "Breathe"
11. "Cedars of Lebanon"
“Get On Your Boots” will be the first single, available for download on February 15. No Line on the Horizon, meanwhile, will hit stores in about a hundred different variations on March 3 in the U.S.

Once-respected, heavily influential metal gods Metallica and equally influential hip-hop group Run D.M.C. headline the latest candidates inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame for the Class of ’09. Run D.M.C. are just the second hip-hop group to gain entrance into the prestigious institution, the first being Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five back in 2006. Meanwhile, as two deserving groups make it into the Hall of Fame, many other deserving groups are snubbed. The ceremony will be on VH1 on April 4.

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