Sunday, January 11, 2009

Underground Artist of the Week: El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven is a Los Angeles-based post rock outift that is fueled by the musical ingenuity of the groups' only two members - guitarist/bassist Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty. Dunn (inset), works a double neck guitar/fretless bass, allowing him to tap his heart out while pumping killer bass grooves to Fogarty's conventional yet effective drum beats. However, make no mistake, Dunn's guitar and bass work is the focal point of the band, and is especially prevalent on El Ten Eleven's 2004 self-titled debut. "Sorry About Your Irony", "My Only Swerving", and "Connie" each strike a balance between atmospheric chillness and catchy instrumentation, serving as an ideal outlet for Dunn's whimsical tap-mania. In 2007 El Ten Eleven released 'Every Direction Is North', an album that expanded on their accessibility with foot-stomping songs like "Hot Cakes" while remaining true to the ethereal nature of their original work with songs like the title track "Every Direction Is North". 2008's 'These Promises Are Being Videotaped' represents a vast departure from the post-rock stylings the band was originally known for, instead favoring a much more bass-intensive and rhythmic sound. Where as one might have viewed their 2004 self-titled as easy listening material for a long car ride or flight, 'These Promises Are Being Videotaped' inspires thoughts of club raves and dance parties. On the whole, El Ten Eleven should be accessible to many, namely to those who like bands such as Tortoise, Minus the Bear, and Death From Above 1979 (recent work).

Recommended Songs: "Sorry About Your Irony", "My Only Swerving", "Hot Cakes"
Label: Fake Record Label

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