Saturday, January 24, 2009


Consider this dystopian vignette. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to have Led Zeppelin (an overrated band to begin with) tour without their gimmicky lead singer Robert Plant; during this lead-singerless period they would have a fill-in. Another someone (perhaps the same someone) had an idea that the dude from shitty pseudo-Christian alt-rock outfit Alter Bridge should fill in and be a lead singer. For Led Zeppelin.

Now before you punch in the code to your panic room with a copy of Oracular Spectacular and wait for it all to blow over, consider bringing a twelve-gauge in with you in case the real trouble starts. Being the other guys in Alter Bridge is a hard life; they used to be in Creed. BUT CREED MIGHT BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER BECAUSE THE OTHER TOOL FROM ALTER BRIDGE MIGHT BE SINGING FOR LED ZEPPELIN.

Is your mind blown right now? Good. Because this was only a test. Some intelligent individual nipped this all in the bud. It could have happened. Do you feel how close you were to death? Did you hug your dog? The series of terrifying articles is hosted on, I suggest you look at them and appreciate how narrowly Earth avoided another Creed tour.



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  2. i disagree that led zeppelin is overrated

    i do think that touring with this alter bridge guy will probably soil their name forever, though

    "hey we're too pretentious to sell our music on iTunes, but touring without our signature singer? no big deal!"

    not that im much of a fan of plant's singing necessarily; he is just an integral part of the band's qualitative value

  3. i've been thinking about it cause i used to get the impression a lot of their stuff was bad.
    Perhaps we differ in opinions because we've heard different recorded versions of their stuff?
    Even their more epic songs have gigantic variations between albums. I've heard versions of "No Quarter" which sounded absolutely awful, yet on another album it easily is one of my favorite songs by them.